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AVCAD Fantasy Football: Week 1 Results

They are always gonna flag that third pump.

It was an up and down week 1 for the AVCAD Fantasy Football league for week 1. Some favorites fell. Some underdogs rose. And there were some very close games. I am mostly going to be calling people by their team names in case, for some reason, you are trying to preserve your Fantasy Football anonymity. I know the names are in the screenshots but at least it’s not searchable? I dunno, if it’s too much tell me and I’ll crop it out next time. Let’s get into it.


Squeaker of the Week


My down to the last second win over the Ol’ Dirty Beckhams. I was sweating DeSean Jackson in garbage time.

Overperformer for the week


Juwanna Manning outscoring his prediction by a whopping 25.

Rulings from the commish
No side bets. Whatever. I will start making them next week even though it’s poor form from the commish.

Lowest total points has avatar changed by highest total points 
Juwanna Manning, hope you have something good picked out for Oh Snap! Post it below.

Biggest blowout – Loser of biggest blowout performs the first edition of AVCAD Undercover 


Vocaroo link –

Enterwittyremarkhere has the honor of choosing a song to be performed by Oh Snap! Again, try to keep it 2 minutes ish. Oh Snap! Please post the link below once you’ve truly wowed us with your singing abilities

A reminder on the penalties
As always, any of these side stakes can be avoided through one of these actions:

1 – Popular vote of the league
2 – Appeal to the commish
3 – -3 points for the next game subtracted via commish score change
4 – Sit your kicker for the next game

I really encourage some trading this week. Quite a few injuries. Some teams look to have some big gaps. Don’t give up, it’s only week one. Remember new waiver priority goes into effect this week.

Week 2 matchups


Now let’s hear some trash talk!