Chaos has erupted in the capital city of our great empire Rome. It is 180-sleventy AD, and in the months since the failed scheme of Fabiola Festus resulted in the deaths of herself, her husband and several other prominent candidates to fill vacant seats within the Senate, several powerful women vying for these seats have emerged, while the corrupt and conservative veterans of the Senate have done their best to drag their heels and hinder these candidates from threatening to tear apart what they see as the fabric holding our society together.

On the eve of the vote, Senator Aulus Scapula, lanista of the legendary and feared gladiator Hadrian, has invited these new candidates and their opponents alike in the hopes of talking this conflict out, building a bridge over the sinkhole that is on the verge of swallowing Rome whole.

ROLES: (Subject to change)

8 Citizens (Vanilla)
1 Guard (Jailkeeper)
1 Vigile (Cop)
1 Murderer (SK)
1 One-shot Vigilante
3 (Scum)


Justice Ruler, Head of the Senate, moderate but known to resist altering the class system
Aulus Scapula, Senator, Lanista, owner of Hadrian
Titus Andronicus, Grand Champion Gladiator
Hadrian, Vengeful slave and gladiator
Marcus Augustus, Senator, survivor of Fabiola Festus’ conspiracy and the resultant massacre
Livinius, Powerful merchant and business owner. Faction loyalty unknown.
Tatiana Andronicus, Slave and loyal sister of Titus
Livia, Slave until she has paid off her late husband’s massive debts
Servius Lupus, Old-guard Senator, notoriously ruthless ringleader
Tiberius Cato, Old-guard Senator, calculating advisor to Lupus
Decimus Marcellus, Old-guard Senator, distant relative of Marcus Augustus
Lucia Agricola, Senatorial Candidate, former farmer, now titan of Rome’s agriculture
Gaia Corvus, Senatorial Candidate, military family background, extensive tactical knowledge
Quinta Agrippa, Senatorial Candidate, prominent reformist, part of political dynasty
Sexta Scipio, Senatorial Candidate, prominent reformist, older and independent
Numeria Aquila, Senatorial Candidate, loudly patriotic conservative

(Commitment to roleplaying is enforced. I will be flexible with regards to your language, its modernity versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of period language.)

Anyone not familiar with the first Toga Terror roleplay and interested in this is encouraged to read all of the pages for it to better familiarize yourself with the characters and narrative. I can provide the links for these.


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3. Roswulf
4. Subsaharan (Hadrian)
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6. Winged Potato (Titus)
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8. Zecko
9. Snugglewumps
10. Banner Thief
11. Edgar Allan Hoe
12. Molly Grue
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14. Otakunomike
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