AVCAD Fantasy League: Pre-pre-season

First, some housekeeping. The league is set with all 12 owners. Draft is scheduled for Monday 5:30 PM PDT / 8:30 PM EDT. We can still change this. It’s pretty early as far as drafts go anyway which has some upsides as far as waiver wire grabs for starters and the potential for early trading. Up to you all if you want to move it or not. I will take all suggestions. Yahoo usually sends draft orders out 24 hours before the draft. Also, if anyone would prefer auction vs standard draft, now is the time to review.

Yahoo has a GREAT mock draft system if you want to test it out.

Also, make sure to click the link to test that whatever you plan on doing the draft on, computer, tablet, phone, whatever, is compatible with Yahoo’s system.

If you KNOW you won’t make the draft, PLEASE take the time and fill out the draft rankings thoroughly. Auto draft will pick you 4 defenses and 3 kickers and you will hate life. Also, let us know here so that I can default your status to not attending which will save us all minutes off our lives waiting.

If you no show without forewarning and get autopicked, there will be a penalty. My proposals right now are:

Option A) Everyone who attends the draft comes up with a word, gif, name or phrase. No profanity, nothing crazy, just something like, “Steven Regal. A man’s man.”


People who do not attend the draft sign all their posts with one of the phrases on the list for a couple of days to a week. You can select one or use a different one every time.

Option B) You memorialize the greatest draft pick in history, Tim Tebow, by Tebowing your avatar on the AVCAD for a week.


Option C) Something you guys come up with. I am sure some of you are creative people.

Option D) -1 point first game of the season or something lame like that.

Again – Draft. Let’s hear it with any availability issues. Please be there. Drafts are important. If you won’t be, please set your draft preferences and priorities.

Any questions or comments let’s here them. If the draft goes off on Monday, this thread will be the meeting point. Don’t wanna clog up this place with our awesomeness. Once the season gets going, Wednesday’s will probably be the weekly posting of the thread because most scoring changes should be final by then.