Time Travel Mafia (SIGNUPS)

Werewolf game hosted by Onan the Barbarian

14 people, but only 7 individuals. Elder and Junior selves, gathered together from their own lives and timelines. 3 are Crashers, who seek power and glory to the detriment of all humans and Travelers.

In addition to normal alignments and special roles, each player will be linked to another in a Junior-Elder pair. Elders know who their Junior is, but Juniors don’t know who their Elder is. They can, however, send their Elder a “memory” at Night.

Of course, if a Junior is killed, their Elder will immediately pop out of existence.

This is an open setup, I won’t be pulling any shenanigans like the BSG game. In addition to a Cop and Jailer, there is a GENETICIST who can determine the links between players, and a CHRONOGRAPHER who can determine if a player is a Junior or an Elder.

Elder’s won’t know the role or alignment of their Junior. It’s possible for a town Elder to have a scum Junior. The only restriction will be that two Scum can’t be each other’s Junior or Elder.

Because of the emphasis on information, and the possibility for carnage (it’s possible 4 players will be dead at the start of Day 2), this game will have a SEMI-ADVANCED START. Before Day 1, the Cop, Geneticist, and Chronographer will each get to investigate a player of their choice when they confirm their QuickTopic link.

All are welcome to signup but this may be easier for veterans.

1. Subsaharan
2. Penny B
3. Mello
4. Milkproof Robot
5. Molly_Grue
6. Tyrone
7. Kolya
8. BannerThief
9. Shipwreck
10. El Marinero
11. the good king snugglewumps
12. MacCrocodile
13. Lovely Bones
14. Felixir

We are full. But please say something if you’re interested in being a backup.