Time Travel Mafia (Day 1)

Werewolf game hosted by Onan the Barbarian

Day 0

You are TIME TRAVELERS, caught in a temporal cage. Though there are fourteen of you here, you are actually only seven individuals. Seven of you are JUNIORS, the younger version of the individual. The other seven are ELDERS, the older version of the individual. Think of it like this: if you’re 20, your 19 year old self is the Junior, and your 21 year old self is the Elder.

3 of these Junior and/or Elder selves are CRASHERS, time travelers that unravel history for their own ends, to the detriment of travelers and regular humans alike. Even if you’re an Elder, your Junior may be a Crasher. Memory is a funny thing.

Elders “remember” what they looked like when they were younger, but Juniors don’t recognize their future selves. Elders don’t “remember” their younger self’s role or alignment because, uh… a tachyon storm (yes, that will do).

Juniors can purposefully “memorize” a message. Once the Junior forms the memory, it’ll be implanted in the Elder’s mind at Night.

Elders beware! If your Junior self dies, you’ll immediately cease to exist!

Because of the unique mechanics and possibility of mass carnage, this game has a semi-advanced start. The Cop, the Geneticist, and the Chronographer were each allowed to investigate a player of their choice.

The Cop investigates alignment, the Geneticist investigates a player’s other self, and the Chronographer investigates whether a player is a Junior or Elder.

The Jailer protects their target from a Nightkill, but also roleblocks them if they have a special role. Jailed Juniors can still send memories, and Jailed Elders will still die if their Junior is killed.

The default QT looks like this:

You are a TRAVELER (Vanilla Town). Your power is your vote; use it wisely. You win when all the threats to the town are eliminated.

With either:

You are also an ELDER. The Junior version of yourself is X. If they die, you die too. As a Night Action, they may send you a “memory”. It will appear here, surrounded by << and >>.


You are also a JUNIOR. You do not know who your Elder self is. As a Night Action, you may send a “memory”. Please enclose the full content of your message in << and >>, or indicate that you do not want to send a memory that Night.

REMEMBER: This is a game. People have different playstyles. Respect each other and have fun.

ALSO: Please make at least 3 posts every game-Day or you will be replaced.

NO EDITING POSTS: Think about what you want to say. If you edit, you may be modkilled, which hurts your team.

Days will be 48 hours, unless a majority vote is achieved. Nights will be 24 hours, unless all Night actions (including sending memories) are submitted early.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please ask me in your QuickTopic.

Countdown to End of Day

Player List:

1 Subsaharan
2 Penny B
3 Mello
4 Milkproof Robot
5 Molly_Grue
6 Tyrone
7 Kolya
8 BannerThief
9 Shipwreck
10 El Marinero
11 the good king snugglewumps
12 MacCrocodile
13 Lovely Bones
14 Felixir