Werewolf XI: You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive (SIGNUPS)

It’s possible that the name and scenario will be changed, but relatively unlikely at this point, so I’m moving forward on this and will alter later if necessary.

This game will include ALIGNMENT-CHANGING. You DO NOT need to be familiar with the show to play, but you may have more fun. I have made alterations to my plans for this one and future TV-based ones. You don’t have to marathon this show or any other one. Watching some of a show within reasonable means certainly isn’t discouraged, but I have decided that I previously set the bar too high on familiarity with outside material and participation.

Those of you who played Toga Terror, I’m going to include bios on characters/relationships akin to those featured in that game. Those of you who didn’t, you’ll have an example of your own soon enough. Watch the pilot, maybe some of season 1, if you can, but you’ll be fine if you can’t. I will provide all necessary information.

This will be the statement on RP featured in all future threads: I will be flexible with regards to your language, its nature versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of location-accurate language.

I have 12 players marked as pre-signed, and will have 15 players total.

Mello Yello
Penny Rockatansky
Kate V X / Buck Wonder
Milkproof Robot
Banner Thief

with RadioCat and Potato as substitutes at the moment.

I spoke to Gest but he seemed to ignore me, so I’m counting that as a no and apologize for being rude to him at all.

It wouldn’t hurt to have some replacements in the wings, so if you see that enough people have already signed up in this thread, feel free to still post.

Subsaharan, I’d appreciate if you could help with the header for Day 1 as we’ve previously talked about, but if I’ve given you too little notice, I understand.

Oh, and if you see this but haven’t voted, here’s the link below, voting ends at 10 PM Central on Thursday night, with the game being intended to start Friday afternoon.


Edit: Disappointed Horse, DRC and CaptCanada have been added, leaving us with a definite 15 out of 15 players!

Later today I will close the poll, randomly assign roles, post the character pool for everyone here to choose from and start working on QuickTopic messages.