Werewolf IX Signups

Werewolf game hosted by Tyrone

Welcome to Werewolf Game 9, Werewolf Election.

New Players: The game at its core is split up into 2 teams. Town and werewolves. Town doesn’t know who each other are and need to find out while killing the wolves killing them off. Wolves try and trick you into voting for your fellow town as they know who each other are. It’s a game of survival and debate at its core, where your beliefs can make you suspicious or help lead you to victory.

This is a game to satisfy players while we wait for Onan’s. It’s based on this setup: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/i…

There will be no nights.

I’ll explain more of the rules and how to play later, or someone more experienced can help you.

If you sign up, make sure you have your comments de-privatized so I can send you your role. Once you have that, you can make your comments private again. I’ll be around most of today to do so relatively quickly. If you’ve already played, look for a link to a previous game that I’ve sent so I can send you your role more efficiently.

1. Allison