Werewolf VIII: Toga Terror (Day 3 Game Thread)

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The entire group was assembled in the central and grand dining chamber. In the time since Cecilia and Anthony’s tragic deaths, the tension had only risen considerably. Between the dissolution of whatever fondness left that Felix and Fabiola had for each other, the possibly framed discovery of poison upon Titus’ person, various accusations and lastly Felix’s claim of being an undercover vigile, they were truly an uncertain lot that had been going at each other’s throats long into the night. Although not all were present for it, enough were able to come to a consensus that Iovita’s accusation towards Titus was specious at best, and it suggested that he played some role in the great conspiracy. Titus rose from his seat and pursued the constable through the hallways unarmed, his feet thundering on the floor as Iovita frantically stumbled through the darkly lit building. They were both eventually led right back to the dining room, standing before everyone else.

When Titus caught up to him, Iovita flailed his arms towards Titus without making contact once. He clutched at any object available to him, grabbing a plate and cracking it against Titus’ skull, stunning him for a moment. He kneed the gladiator in the crotch and drew his sack of silver denarii, Roman coins, out from under the table, swinging it down upon Titus’ head. The seam burst and the coins fell upon the ground as the enraged and bruised gladiator began to smash his fists into Iovita’s face and chest over and over. As he tackled the corrupt constable to the ground, Titus angrily screamed in his face, “Was it all for money?! I killed her, and she was a beautiful, innocent creature, and it all happened for money?!” He battered Iovita’s face with his fists before wrapping his meaty hands around his throat and squeezing, lifting his neck up and repeatedly smashing his head into the floor as he crushed the life out of him.

Corporal Hicks / Iovita Investigatus is dead. He was Vanilla Town.

In the wake of the emotional exhaustion of this shocking and visceral event, and given that the law officers now had nobody to directly answer to, it was agreed upon by everyone that they could take the time to collectively depart for various bedrooms and guest quarters and rest their frenzied minds, before continuing the investigation and debate in the morning. The vigiles would still not allow anyone to leave the building, but as long as everyone took their rest at once, it was acceptable for the debates to be paused. In addition, given the relative failure of their judgments thus far, perhaps rest would aid that as well.

Still upset at each other, Felix and Fabiola Festus chose to sleep in separate rooms. Hidden up the sleeve of Fabiola’s robe was a tiny blade. She climbed onto her mattress, but when she looked towards the doorway as she began to settle herself, she recognized a large silhouette lurking in the darkness. It was the Festus’ own gladiator, Brutus, bearing a smaller blade of his own. As their eyes locked for the briefest of moments, they and the room were entirely still and silent. And as that moment passed, he lunged forth as she desperately clambered out of the way. He yanked the blade out of the soft mattress and quickly lifted it up to block her stab, their blades’ metal scratching as they struggled. She scratched at his eyes with the nails of her open hand, distracting and partly blinding him. This enabled her to rear up so as to properly plunge the knife downward, repeatedly, into his cheek and then the side of his skull. In his last moments, Brutus put all of his remaining strength into one great shove of the blade through the soft fabric of her robe and between her breasts, piercing her chest and heart.

Their bodies remained sitting there on the bed, cooling and hardening, until the Sun began to rise, and a still-groggy Felix walked in with the hope that this new day would be a renewal for his marriage. Instead, he found a slaughter: two dead bodies, blood spread out across a feather mattress, and among his wife’s now unprotected private belongings, the layout for her plans to seize a seat on the Senate and to recruit two unnamed dinner guests for her cause in exchange for power and riches.

Zecko / Brutus is dead. He was a One-Shot Vigilante.
Flaxon Jackson / Fabiola Festus is dead. She was the Conspirator Leader.

Phase 3 Begins

I will be flexible with regards to your language, its modernity versus RP-appropriateness, as long as everyone remains committed to role-playing and remaining firmly in character throughout. The psychology and motivations of your characters take greater priority over approximation of period language.

Surviving Player/Attendee List:

1. Creeper / Justice Ruler
2. ScienceIsBad / Marcus Augustus
3. BannerThief / Felix Festus
4. A Winged Potato / Titus
5. Subsaharan / Hadrian
6. DRC / Sabina
7. Mello Yello Enthusiast / Darius

Role List
3 Vanilla Town
1 Cop
1 Doctor
2 Conspirators

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