Werewolves 7: And Then There Were None (Day Three)

What was once only threats was now very real. The deaths of Wilton Zecko and Tyrone Sinclair shook the remaining eleven to their cores. They were trapped here with no means of escape with people who wanted them dead. There was no more time for sitting around and waiting to see who was next, something had to be done about them and they were going to have to do it themselves.

Compared to the possibly delusional ramblings of Tyrone the day before, things were almost calm in their debate but each word spoken underlined a certain amount of distrust and distaste. As the night approached it looked as if they were going to be unable to decide who they should kill to keep themselves alive. Virgil Mello took this opportunity to step out for a smoke and a quick drink from his secret stash. He would hardly have been out of place with the others but he needed the air. While he was gone the debate continued but they all seemed to focus in on the one man who was missing. He made a convenient target and maybe he was evil after all.

As Virgil walked back in, “Handsome” James Hound, the last man to cast his vote against him, stood waiting with the others rope in hand. He tried to get away but the others were too quick and he was subdued by Corporal Ellsworth Hicks and Doctor Charles Moreau. They all worked together to string him up as Virgil cursed their names and promised that they would regret it. As the life faded from his body, a large knocking sound came from the door and Penelope Raybould rushed to answer it. All they found was another box and gramophone player within.

“Eleven little Indian Boys found two dead men
One had to pay for this and then there were ten”

The note attached read:

“You ten have chosen poorly not because Mr. Mello was a good person, because that playboy killed his lover and bribed the witnesses to cover it up, but because Mr. Mello was the one man who could have stopped a killing during the night.”

Elizabeth Bones was left in hysterics by this news while the other nine were similarly crushed. They would have to deal with this problem eventually but none of them were in the mood to do anything about it now. They silently retired to their rooms hoping for a better day to come.

The sight that greeted them in the dining room was all too familiar but no less disturbing. Lying in the center of the table was Agnes Jackson dead with a hastily and largely inedible chicken leg stuffed down her throat. In the corner however was Corporal Ellsworth Hicks, knife in hand dead from the large wound from it through his heart. It was clear someone had turned that knife against him. Under his body was by now dreaded box that had greeted them three times before.

“Ten little Indian Boys went out to dine
One choked her little self and then there were nine
Nine little Indian Boys sat up very late
One went and stabbed himself and then there were eight.”

“I have good news and bad news everyone. The good news is not only are two more awful people dead, but you also got the serial killer. Agnes Jackson wasn’t only trying to kill you through her awful cooking, she was also a spurned lover by the real name of Flaxon Bainbridge who poisoned her lover’s wife so she could be with him and was most likely try to do the same to you if the thought came to her. Corporal Hicks on the other hand was a truly horrific man who killed and dismembered at least thirteen women (before even coming to this island) even taking to occasionally feasting on their bodies. Some of them were still girls and I’m sure their parents are quite fond right now of whoever sunk that killing blow. The bad news is that this is far from over.”

Virgil Mello is dead, he was the Roleblocker
Corporal Ellsworth Hicks is dead, he was the Serial Killer
Agnes Jackson is dead, she was Vanilla Town

Remaining Cast List

“Handsome” James Hound
Samuel Creeper
Sub Johnson
Elizabeth Bones
Penelope Raybould
Doctor Charles Moreau
Sir William Lutair-Pilkington
Onan Richardson

Remaining Role List

3 Vanilla Town
1 Cop
1 1-Shot Vigilante

3 Unknown Villains

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