Werewolves 7: And Then There Were None (Day Two)

As the music stopped, everyone looked around in shock. The fear was palpable among them and they had no clue what to do next so they decided to explore the house. The environment was fairly pleasant until Tyrone Sinclair noticed the revolver. He investigated the gun and found a single bullet in the cylinder and placed it back down. without telling anyone. He did however took this as a sign to start acting out of character and yelling at everyone accusing them of being evil and becoming convinced he had figured out just who the bad guys were. Taking his ramblings for the delusions of a mad man, he was generally ignored aside from the few he offended.

Sensing his opinions weren’t wanted, Tyrone went back for the gun but it was missing. Someone else had taken it. When he went to report this loss, he was cut off by the sudden death of Arthur Banner. No one saw it coming but they somehow knew he deserved it. Just as this happened, Banner’s first mate Onan Richardson came stumbling in. “I woke up on the shore and the boat is gone!”

It was at this moment that they knew they were stuck here. There was no way of getting off this island aside from the boat and everything was starting to get creepy. Instead of preemptively killing someone they found suspicious, the lucky 13 retired to their rooms for the night.

When they awoke they found Tyrone hanging from the ceiling. Against the far wall they also saw that Wilton Zecko had been stabbed repeatedly and had bled out all over the floor. Nurse Bones rushed to check them out but they were both dead. Someone had killed them in the night. Beneath Tyrone’s lifeless body was another box. Elizabeth opened it up and revealed another gramophone player. This one played a slightly different tune.

“Thirteen little Indian Boys set out to delve
One got himself hung and then there were twelve

Twelve little Indian Boys will never see heaven
One got himself stabbed and then there were eleven”

There was also a little note attached.

“Mourn not these fools for they only got what was coming to them. Mr. Zecko was a corrupt industrialist whose illegal business dealings were all that kept him afloat and a man who murdered his own partner. Mr. Sinclair was a hack writer who killed a woman while driving his car while wasted. They were the first but certainly not the last.”

Tyrone is dead, he was Vanilla Town
Zecko is dead, he was Vanilla Town

Day ends 10 PM tomorrow night unless you come to a consensus prior to that.

Remaining Cast List

“Handsome” James Hound
Samuel Creeper
Virgil Mello
Sub Johnson
Corporal Ellsworth Hicks
Elizabeth Bones
Penelope Raybould
Doctor Charles Moreau
Sir William Lutair-Pilkington
Onan Richardson
Agnes Jackson

Role List

6 Vanilla Town
1 Cop
1 Role Blocker
1 1-Shot Vigilante

1 Serial Killer
3 Unknown Villains