Werewolves 7: And Then There Were None (Day One)

As the thirteen men and women approached the island a sense of dread settled over them. The large house had only begun to peak out from the nighttime fog and it was far more imposing than any of them had expected. It may not have been as big as say Sir William Lutair-Pilkington’s country estate, but combined with the hill it sat on the whole scene had a way of making you feel small.

Arthur Banner pulled the boat in close to the dock. It may have been in pristine condition but there was something about the dock that just felt old and as if it was about to sink into the sea. There was a single man standing silently on the dock. He was almost impossibly tall and slender with a only a one last vestige of white hair around his balding head. He was decked out in a tuxedo and seemed thoroughly disinterested in the approaching visitors. There were some silent murmurs from the guests as the disembarked but they could all sense something was wrong and were seemingly afraid of drawing any attention to themselves.

“This way,” the man spoke in a monotone and gestured towards a long winding path that made its way entrance of the mansion above. The cautious passengers dutifully fell into line behind him as he moved almost silently down the path. As they approached the door, it swung open almost on cue revealing an enormous yet scarcely lit foyer illuminated only by the candles of a single chandelier that hung overhead. Whether out of habit or in deference to the uneasy looks the visitors gave him, the man lit a few more candles around the room before deeply intoning “Please make your way to the dining room and your host will be with you shortly”.

The dining room was positively decadent with fourteen well labeled place settings, one for each of the visitors and one for the host himself. The man stood at the door to the dining room as the guest circled around the table with just a hint of impatience on his face. Sensing this, the thirteen nervous ladies and gentleman sat down in their places. None of them seemed to recognize each other or why the others were seemingly here. For that matter, they all seemed to wonder why they were here. They had all come for different reasons, some out of the promise of opportunity while others out of obligation but somehow those reasons seemed trivial at the moment.

The quiet was stopped by a loud noise as the door back to the foyer slammed shut and the man was nowhere to be seen. The young Penelope Raybould nearly leapt out of her seat in fright while a number of others seemingly gasped. As they looked around again they noticed one thing standing out from elegant table; a large box with ribbons running up the side tied into a bow at its top. Tyrone Sinclair, ever the curious one, decided to investigate and pulled at one of the strands. As the bow unraveled, the box came apart revealing only gramophone player. Tyrone switched it on and it began playing a man’s voice singing a few bars of what sounded like a nursery rhyme over a simple melody.

“Thirteen little Indian boys went out to dine
Each one was hiding that they stepped out of line.
Some come to kill you and some to protect,
But good luck with finding just who to suspect.”

Cast List

Tyrone Sinclair
“Handsome” James Hound
Samuel Creeper
Wilton Zecko
Virgil Mello
Sub Johnson
Corporal Ellsworth Hicks
Elizabeth Bones
Penelope Raybould
Doctor Charles Moreau
Sir William Lutair-Pilkington
Arthur Banner
Agnes Jackson

Role List

6 Vanilla Town
1 Cop
1 Role Blocker
1 1-Shot Vigilante

1 Serial Killer
3 Unknown Villains