Mafia/Werewolf Signups

Werewolf game by Tyrone

Some call it mafia, others know it by werewolf, but either way it’s the same: a game of paranoia and deception. It’s one of my favorite things and has helped keep me sane the past few years, giving my mind something to focus on. I want to try running a game here with all you lovely people. If you’ve played before, I’d love you to play to help out some of the newer players. Hopefully we’ll get a small community running and eventually have others mod so I can get a chance to play with all of you as well. For now, figuring out a system that works is best.

Those who haven’t played the game before, the game goes like this:

Before the start of the game, each player will receive a role that’s one of two alignments: Mafia or Town. If you’re town, your goal is to find the mafia and lynch them. You do this by asking questions in the discussion area, trying to suss out who is telling the truth and also looking for mafia, and who is mafia trying to point you in the wrong direction. If you’re mafia, you’ll be working with a team of 3 to try and get town to destroy itself. You’ll want to push them with fake leads and, during the night phase, will have the ability to kill a player of your choice. The goal is to be the last team standing.

The setup is going to be simple:

1 Cop/Seer (gets to investigate a player and find out their alignment during the night phase. Gets a Night 0 investigation/peek of a random townie.)
9 Vanilla Town/Villagers (Your only power is your vote to lynch)
3 Mafia/Werewolf (Group Chat 24/7)

If you have any questions, please ask away. We can decide how long each day and night lasts after signups have completed. I’m used to 48 day/24 night, but I’m willing to change depending on what works for everyone.