AVCAD: AD Avocado of Darkness

Pokemon might be ruining Japan. Well, sorta. The Herbivore man movement has made it’s first noticeable impact on the Japanese population. While video games were being blamed over here for school shootings and “super predators” over in Japan video games, manga, and really erotic pillows may have been doing more damage than we could have possibly imagine.


Down over one million in 5 years, Japan’s population is in trouble. As the younger population declines, support for those who have retired dwindles and the tax base and consumption based industries start to wither like a tentacle without a schoolgirl.


If only we could find a hero in this time of crisis… It is your time Jonathan Kavanaugh-san!

In the corrections and apologies department, McKayla Maroney has asked for us to all not use the word “retiring”.

I apologize, McKayla. I was striving for gold but couldn’t stick the landing.


Tonight, I will be drinking beer (Dragon’s Milk which is more like a beer-type liquor) and watching MST3K. Tonight’s episode will be Werewolf

A truly baffling film. Join me, won’t you?