AVCAD: AD Dark City

Abercrombie and Fitch was voted the most hated retailer this week.


They weren’t as obnoxious as Guess.

I’ve never really HATED A&F but man, walking by that store was an assault on anyone with a sense of smell. And that song…

My most hated company is Wells Fargo. I had a mortgage through them and they wouldn’t let me fax something TO THEIR OWN COMPANY because I didn’t have a bank account. So F them.

What companies do you hate?


Also, Mackayla Maroney retired from gymnastics. So, there’s that. I’m sure she lands on her feet. HEYYYO!


Vikings tonight has a disturbing lack of… VIkings. Know what I don’t care about, Vikings? French nobles farting around doing boring things other shows do better. SHOW ME VIKINGS OR GTFO.