Artist Spotlight: St. Vincent

Artist Spotlight courtesy of Leto

Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, is an American musician.

She is also the first musician whom I have ever truly loved. Her four solo albums and collaborations are some of the most exciting and interesting work I’ve heard from a young musician. I look forward to anything she does in the future and I hope she has a long and fruitful career.

Her first album, Marry Me (2007) is mostly divided between several slow romantic songs (Now Now, All My Stars Aligned, Landmines, What Me Worry, the titular Marry Me ), and some booming apocalyptic songs (Paris is Burning, Your Lips are Red, The Apocalypse Song), with a stray irreverent upbeat number(Jesus Saves I Spend).

Human Racing, her most lyrically complex song on the album is a great example of her range. The other songs, while good, are more simple and repetitive. But this is just young Annie getting started.

Actor (2009) was inspired by Disney songs (The Strangers, Marrow, The Sequel) and has a more expanded retinue of songs with poetic lyrics (Black Rainbow, The Party). Actor has a robust range of sounds; Clark really begins refining her haunting and baroque style.

I was torn between Actor Out of Work or Laughing With a Mouth of Blood, but decided on the former. Both are favorites of mine.

Strange Mercy (2011) this where St. Vincent goes supernova.

More experimental, more harmonious and disharmonious, with St. Vincent really bringing her guitar skills to the forefront, there’ a lot to love in this album. Cheerleader, Surgeon, Northern Lights, Year of the Tiger , there’s so much content of worth. This is the album where she really crystallizes her identity as a musician. The successes here are too numerous to expand on. Highly recommended.

-A totally unexpected collaborative album with David Byrne! Steal this Giant (2012) mostly showcases David Byrne’s vocals with St. Vincent playing, but songs like the Forest Awakes and Lightning are also stellar performances from Annie.

Outside of Space and Time featured on the album may be one of my favorite songs in all of space & time. But it’s David singing that song so he’ll get no love here.

St. Vincent then released St. Vincent (2013) which like Strange Mercy is Annie firing on all cylinders. It serves as a summary and expansion of her previous work and career. Digital Witness is the big hit of the album but Birth in Reverse is quite lively

Clark will have to reach deep or completely transform her music to top her work here.

St. Vincent has released a few singles like These Days, an acoustic cover of Cheerleader, Teenage Talk, and a deluxe edition of St. Vincent. Check out Kid Cudi’s ‘Maniac,’ which samples St. Vincent for a fantastic combination of talent.