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OK! Tuesday’s Politics thread….LET’S GO!

I am super psyched for this because I’ve had a spicy margarita. Which is just a regular mixed margarita (not one made from a mix) with a dash of Ancho Reyes. Nummy!

Imma be real honest here. That margarito (that’s what we call spicy margaritas in our household) has made me really happy. And I don’t particularly want to ruin that vibe with a deep dive through the Xitter right now.

So. Do your thing. Eat those Cheetos you’ve been hiding in the back of the cabinet. Drink that fancy tea. You are worth both of those things and more. And so is everyone else here. Let’s keep it between the lines here folks. No threats of violence against Mayor McSquirrel or anyone else. Keep the vibes correct everyone.