Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (9/19)

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Celebrity cameos. In wrestling terms, it’s an easy way to get a cheap pop. You get a recognizable face and the theater lights up at the recognition.

Don’t pretend that you’re immune to it, either. I know you loved it when Matt Damon showed up as an actor playing Loki in Thor: Ragnarok.

While it’s almost always used for comedic purposes, sometimes —- especially internationally —- it’s a way for local audiences to beam with pride as an actor for their home country shows up in a major Hollywood production. Think Frank Nero, the original Django, showing up in Django Unchained.

Or maybe it’s just to stand awkwardly in a shot filmed separate from everyone else while Max Von Sydow dies for your sins.

Today’s bonus prompt: what’s your favorite celebrity cameo?

Bonus bonus prompt: have you ever seen a movie with an obvious cameo, but you don’t know why the person is because time has passed them by?