American Dad! Season 20 Episode 12 “Don’t You Be My Neighbor”

In which Langley Falls gets a new family until it doesn’t

During the Golden Era of this show, the world of Langley Falls was populated with a lot of interesting characters and a lot of neighbors for the Smith’s to interact with. It has not matched that during the TBS era, mostly relying on the Smiths and a mere handful of characters (seriously, Richard Kind we appreciate you but Tuttle can be a bit much). Well today we see if a new family can fill the hole left by those luminaries that came before them…

Francine is really excited to meet the new neighbors but the rest of the family doesn’t want her to get too excited. She goes over, so nervous that she forgot to actually make a casserole. The new family is also excited to meet the Smiths. Everything seems to be going great until late at night the Smiths sans Francine, along with Tuttle and Greg meet to discuss how to get rid of the new neighbors. They hatch an elaborate plan that starts with Hayley trying to seduce the dad but ends up with Jeff faking his death.

This all goes to plan until Francine discovers Tuttle’s pogo stick and learns of the plot. She demands the Cherry Street Neighbor haters club retrieve the new family. She is happy until she learns that they are a bunch of squares who don’t drink and use water for their scrambled eggs (seriously, that’s egregious). She then demands they are kicked out and the club devises a plan that was going so well until the plans start to print on the neighbors computer. Francine barges in, starts to wreck the place. The family escapes which is lucky because of the B-plot as we’ll see.

Over in the B-Plot, Roger’s “persona” is a kite that he gives to a boy, who then proceeds to cause Roger pain and makes him float into space. Eventually after floating out in space and being hit by a satellite, he manages to get a meteor to bring him back down to Earth and he just happens to crash into the neighbors house, solving everyone’s problem. The next year Roger shows up as a new kite but speaks and freaks the kid out.

Stray Observations

  • The color Orange, you’ve been Dadded!
  • I guess this episode confirms the Memari’s have left/been banished

Final Thoughts: this one was alright, nothing special, weak B-plot and an A-plot that really didn’t escalate until it was a little late in the game