Turtles LCD Night Thread (9/12/23)

Konami produced a series of LCD handhelds inspired by their games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 1989’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lifted design elements from the NES games first two stages. April O’Neil has been captured! To free her you must kill 10 mousers on the ground, swim past death traps under water, set bombs to break April’s cage and find a key to unlock her chains. Fail and get a game over tone straight from the NES soundtrack. Difficulty modes determined just how many trinkets you needed to grab to free the intrepid reporter.

I sunk countless hours into this game as a child. The flickering LCD images and bleep bloop sound effects were hypnotic. I’d soon amass a large collection of LCD hand helds but none more addictive than this one. The model is currently selling on ebay for anywhere from $19 to $350.

Welcome to the night thread! Tell us how your evening went.