Job Rants Thread – 9/8/2023 – Those Were The Days

Hey, all; Happy and Healthy Friday –

Sorry for the delay, last week. I was readjusting to all the changes in the site and how things are done and, like so many in my age bracket, I fear change and am easily confused. Not much to talk about this week, either; at least not about jobs.

Well, yes and no.

This past week, I happily hosted some friends from my old hometown; including one I haven’t seen in about a decade. I won’t bore going into the details. We did everything people our age normally do when hanging out with people we knew in our teens and twenties…Mostly act like you’re 15+ years younger than you are, and pay dearly for it the next morning. This time however, all the fun came with a new wrinkle: Between the three of us, we had all left long-standing positions in the past year due to reshuffling, change in management, and just plain burnout, and are currently looking to make a change.

Between wistful sharing of the memories of the past, and the loud kvetching of the aches and pains of the present, a not-insignificant amount of table-time was devoted to wondering about our where our futures were headed. We’re hardly ancient, (once we manage to get out of bed, anyway) but it’s still a very unsure market, out there; to say nothing of how shifting property values are also making it harder to make ends meet. We didn’t let such thoughts overtake our reunion, of course, but we also all agreed that, if we could go back to 15+ years ago, we’d have some choice words for our younger selves, and their decision-making processes.

All that having been said, however, optimism ultimately won the day. We’re hardly starving, and we’ve got at least one-and-a-half working brains between the three of us, so the future still has a silver lining. And when the only real rant one has at the end of a week is that you’re smarter than you used to be, I’d call it a pretty good week; all things considered.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home if out, and a great weekend. And remember: No matter the misadventures of one’s past, it all invariably leads to the wisdom of one’s present. Enjoy both, as they happen.