Disabled People Discussion: Brainstorming

I thought I would set up a weekly thread for disabled people to discuss our trials, triumphs, and just generally what we’re dealing with. Up front, I want to say that if you consider yourself disabled, you are welcome in this weekly thread. Diagnosed or not, visible or invisible disability, mental or intellectual or physical disability, this thread is for you.

I am looking for input from those who would like to participate in this thread! Is there a day of the week that works better for people? A time of day – and what time zone are you in?

What rules should we have to make this a safe space? I’ll put my ideas in a comment below.

If you have better ideas for a thread title, I’m listening, haha.

I was also thinking that each week I or someone else could write a little blurb about current disability news or disability history or disability theory.

Let me know what you think!