Sacred Paws - Run Around the Sun

Avocado Music Club #221: SACRED PAWS – Run Around the Sun

Welcome to the Avocado Music Club, each week a new album will be discussed based on a massive pile of suggestions made by ourselves. Listen to new music or revisit an old favorite and discuss anything you wish related to the album with other lovers of music. These are different than Album Spotlights which are great and people put a lot of effort into, don’t let these discussions impede writing your own. This week’s album:

SACRED PAWS – Run Around the Sun

So, come talk about this album. Is it great/good/bad? Does it mean anything? Favorite parts/lyrics? How does it hold up? What are its influences? Has it influenced anything? How does it compare with the rest of the year’s music? Talk about anything, even if it’s (politely) negative, have fun!

Next Week’s Album: The High Confessions – Turning Lead into Gold with The High Confessions (2010) **[6 Song Version]