The Night Thread on a Stick (8/29/23)

I am currently in Minnesota (so North!) and spent today at the Minnesota State Fair! Also, it’s my 45th birthday! I had grand ambitions for this Night Thread, but it turns out I am old and exhausted, so here, have some pictures of stuff!

Fair foods on sticks:

I did not have most of those foods, but I did have the fried olives, and they were perfection.

I also met some butterflies!

Most importantly, I got to hang out with my friend Boris and also meet some stellar Avocados in person (in no particular order — Nate the Lesser, Grumproro, Ralph, Ice Cream Planet, Otakunomike, and Plantologist). Good news! They are all lovely and almost certainly not serial killers.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Sheltie as well, and any other Avocados born on this day!

Have a great Night Thread, everyone!