The August 26th Rasputin IV Day Thread

It’s been a while since did an OT about a mutant, so let’s go with a fairly recent addition to the X-comics roster, Rasputin IV!

Rasputin IV debuted in issue #1 of Jonathan Hickman’s status-quo changing comic Powers of X…sorta. In PoX, Rasputin IV was a “chimera” mutant genetically engineered from the DNA of several powerful mutants (including Kitty Pryde, Quentin Quire, Laura Kinney, and Piotr Rasputin, naturally) who wielded the Soulsword and fought against a robot/human alliance that was on the cusp of wiping out mutants forever.

OG Rasputin IV

This wasn’t the main continuity, though, and Rasputin IV was lost forever…until Kieron Gillen brought her back in Immoral X-Men #2, which was part of the Sins of Sinister crossover. Without getting even more in the weeds than I already am (and spoiling a really fun bunch of comics) this Rasputin IV is largely the same but from a different kind of crappy future and is now in the current Earth-616 continuity/the past/our present. Given that she was a popular character despite only appearing in a few issues, this was a solid decision.

Rasputin IV has already learned the importance of having the freshest drip when attending the Hellfire Gala (Jamie McKelvie).

I swear this was the shortest and least convoluted way to make a post about this character. It could have been much, much, worse.