Please No Talking During the Hoyts Cinema Night Thread

Tired of Nicole Kidman welcoming you to the movies? Weary of all of those obnoxious movie quotes at the start of the film? Well, let’s travel back to the 1990s, when cinema intros were cool and to the point. This one from Hoyts has been engraved in my head since I was a child, and thankfully someone back in the day apparently recorded it with a camcorder (at least I think that’s the source of this upload), so I am able to share it with you…

Hoyts no longer exists in the United States, as they were bought out by Regal Cinemas in 2003, but they are still a prominent theater chain in Australia and New Zealand. As for this intro, I still love it, even with a notable lack of Danny Trejo (and you know what? I don’t hate that Nicole Kidman ad, because I’m un-cool like that). It just makes me want popcorn and soda, and kind of makes me miss non-stadium seating.

Have a great night, y’all!