avocado log - survey 2023

Avocado Survey Results!

Before we get started, some basic introduction stuff. 400 of you wonderful folks participated in this survey! Thank you all for participating, and especially thanks to those of you who gave your input on how to word questions and answers, especially our BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Avocados. We’ll get started with the basic Avocado demographics first.


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Where are we?

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And now, for the non-Americans:

What Languages do we Speak?

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What do we Believe?

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What do we do?


Here’s an upvote for all of you!

How Do We Get Around?

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How Do We Use The Avocado?


Miscellaneous Stuff



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What are we Passionate About?

We have a lot of passions on The Avocado. Some people answered this question very broadly (“movies”, “television”, “books.”), and other people answered very specifically. To make this easier, I combined the specific answers into groups for the overview graph, and then made specific graphs for each of the categories.

note: 25

What about Pets?

and finally,

How have we changed?

The last time a survey (we called in a census then) was done was 2018. Since then, we have more kids, more pets, and more asexuals. you can see those results for yourself here: HERE

and that’s everything, folks. Please feel free to ask questions if any of the data is unclear.