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Tuesday’s Politics thread is hitting refresh like a squirrel on meth

Because it is MONDAY NIGHT and the GA INDICTMENTS ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN but I HAVE TO GO WORK ON MY PART OF DINNER. So i’m typing slowly in the hopes that I can drag things out until the indictments drop.

Thing one: Special Counsel Jack Smith says hell no he doesn’t deserve a SCIF: (this is a court document for those who are into such things)


Five House Democrats, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are calling on AG Garland to investigate Clarence Thomas and the undisclosed gifts he received from wealthy friends, which they claim are, “in defiance of his duty under federal law.” – Kyle Griffin


And a FIRE tweet from emptywheel: “Congratulations to Donald J. Trump for finally getting the second vote in Georgia he was demanding.”

Also, per Kyle Cheney “Pre-fact check while we wait: This would actually be Donald Trump’s 5th indictment. The superseding one in Florida counts.”

Ok dammit. It’ll be here when it gets here. I gotta do other stuff. I’m sure someone posted it, it’ll be back here again tomorrow.

Do good, be good. Tip your clam wrangler. Don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel.