Alexandr Rodchenko Day Thread

Alexandr Rodchenko Day thread (August 15, 2023)

Aleksandr Rodchenko was Russian designer, photographer, painter, and sculptor who was a leader of the Constructivist movement. Constructivism – or Konstruktivizm – was a Russian artistic born in the Soviet revolution which was influenced by Cubism and Futurism. Constructivism was all about “industrial art,” rather obviously inspired by the belated industrial revolution in Russia, and emphasized mass-production, utilitarianism and science over purely artistic expression.

Although his original focus was painting, Rodchenko later went on to play around with photography, typography, and imagery, combining them into what was then referred to as montage or photomontage.

In March 1923, Rodchenko wrote, “There is now a new illustrative method: montage of printed and photographic materials focused on a certain subject. Providing ample material of great demonstrative value and conviction, it dispenses with illustration by drawing.”

Rodchenko’s abstract art fell out of favour with the rise of Stalin and the imposition of “Socialist Realism” as the approved style of the state, but his influence had a profound effect on graphic design throughout the 20th Century.

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