Werewolf 212: The Dark Is Rising — Day Three

By the pleasant lake the Sleepers lie,
On Cadfan’s Way where the kestrels call;
Though grim from The Grey King shadows fall,
Yet singing the golden harp shall guide
To break their sleep and bid them ride.

As the final battle between the Light and Dark nears, many are abroad at Night, some connected by time and place, others by allegiance.  

In Wales, John Rowlands is troubled by the portentous events around him but prefers to be an ordinary man, untouched by Light or Dark. With his dog Pen, curiously subdued, he seeks out his wife Blodwen. He thinks for a moment he sees Blodwen atop the hill, but he finds only a wounded sheep and treacherous footing as he seeks to bring it to safety.  

Grumproro / Shirayuki is dead. She was John Rowlands, a Judge and of the Light (Roled Town).


John Rowlands (Town Judge) — John Rowlands is not an Old One, but he is a special sort of human, and the Judge. If a game Day ends in a tie, he will have the power to break the tie. If the player he chooses to die is a Wolf or a particular Other, he will gain a one-shot protective order (one-shot Jail power), which he can use on himself or another player at Night. If the player he chooses to die is a certain Roled Town, Rowlands will leave the game, and a certain Wolf will gain a one-shot power. Either way, his ability to break ties will be over.


Elsewhere, in Cornwall, Will Stanton’s namesake and godfather, his uncle Bill Stanton, shakes off a feeling of unease as he prepares to meet the curious artist he’d encountered the day before. His wife Fran walks him to the door. “See you this afternoon, hon!” she says fondly, her American accent all the stranger in this setting. But she never sees him again.

beinggreen / beingstagemanagertothegreenknight is dead. He was Bill Stanton, an Ordinary Human (Vanilla Town).


Bill Stanton (Vanilla Town) –This is Will Stanton’s uncle, who emigrated to America years ago but still sends presents every Christmas. He seems lovely, but his only power is his vote.


Back in Wales, The Grey King rages as Will Stanton and Bran Davies, with the white dog Cafall, defeat The Grey King’s Milgwn and descend the mountain in safety after the Sleepers ride. Having violated the High Magic, The Grey King’s fog envelops him, and even he cannot find his way through.  

sheltermed is dead. She was The Grey King, of the Wild Magic (Other).


The Grey King (Dark SK) — In Welsh, The Grey King is the Brenin Llwyd, Lord of Cadair Idris. He is Other. However, he is also a Lord of the Dark when it suits him. Each Night he can select one player to kill. He can win as the last player standing (traditional SK win condition), or he can win with the Dark if he manages to kill at least two Light players (Roled Town) and avoid killing a Wolf before he dies.


As the climactic battle nears, Merriman Lyon faces off against The Black Rider. The Black Rider’s russet hair does not stir in the cyclone of his creation as he threatens Will Stanton’s sister Mary, under his spell. He holds up Will’s birth sign, an ornamental wooden W through which The Black Rider has threaded a strand of Mary’s golden hair. Merriman laughs, but his voice is a cold white flame. “You have it upside down, Rider. Old Ones have no birth sign for the Dark to use.” The Black Rider shrieks as Merriman speaks words of power, and the red-tipped hounds of the Wild Hunt stir.    

Keldeo is dead. He was The Black Rider, a Dark Lord (Wolf).


The Black Rider (Wolf Roleblocker) — This Lord of the Dark, who takes many names and forms, is also the Wolf Roleblocker. Each Night, he can select one player to block their Night action (if any). He cannot block the same player two Nights in a row, and he cannot block himself.


Day Three begins with

  • 3 Ordinary Humans (Vanilla Town)
  • 3 Light (Roled Town)
  • 2 Dark (Wolves)
  • 2 Wild Magic (Other)

[spoiler title=”Ordinary Humans (Vanilla Town) message”]

“You are an ordinary human (Vanilla Town). Your only power is your decision to save the Light or unwittingly serve the Dark. Vote wisely each day to prevent the Dark from rising. Your character name and role will be revealed upon death.” 


[spoiler title=”Rules”] 

Each Day’s header will only contain living and dead players and numbers. Role names and powers will be revealed in full upon a player’s death.  

The Dark (Wolves) share a chat. Wild Magic (Others) do not. 

Certain powers and win conditions may change during the game for certain players. 

Night actions will generally be ordered to maximize successful actions, but standard order is block/jail/heal —> deaths/other.

If a player or faction does not submit a mandatory Night action by the deadline, the Night action will be determined by RNG. Note: I know we all live in different time zones; if the posted Twilight time or Night action deadline will be difficult for you, please just let me know, either on the thread (@forget_it_jake:disqus) or in Discord.

Vote in the Vote Thread (sort by Oldest). Only votes in the Vote Thread will count. You may change or retract your vote until Twilight. Please post nothing but votes in the Vote Thread.

What happens if there’s a tie at Twilight? Let’s find out! The death will be determined by RNG amongst all tied players.

No editing or deleting posts on the Day Threads. Editing in Discord is allowed. 

Do not directly quote, copy/paste, or screenshot Discord posts on the game threads. 

No game-related talk after Twilight. 

Try to post at least three times per game Day. 

Role playing is welcome but not required. 

Be kind. Critique arguments, not players. Site rules still apply to Werewolf, and sometimes what feels like just part of the game to one player can feel very personal to another player. 

Have fun! 


[spoiler title=”Players”]

  1. Owen
  2. beinggreen — Vanilla Town (Bill Stanton)
  3. Grumproro — Roled Town (John Rowlands)
  4. Queequeg
  5. Koala (mentored by Eleanor)
  6. Lamb — Roled Town (Hawkin / The Walker)
  7. Moolissa
  8. MSD
  9. raven — Vanilla Town (Aunt Jen)
  10. Nate — Vanilla Town (Owen Davies)
  11. Side
  12. Cork
  13. Josephus
  14. genny
  15. Thoughts
  16. sic
  17. Keldeo — Wolf (The Black Rider)
  18. Greenwitch — Roled Town (The Lady)
  19. sheltermed — Wild Magic (The Grey King)


[spoiler title=”RPs”]

  1. Owen1120 — a humble pontoon salesman
  2. beinggreen — beingstagemanagertothegreenknight
  3. Grumproro — Shirayuki
  4. Mrs. Queequeg —- Dennis
  5. Koala de Vil — Edmund Pevensie
  6. Lamb Dance — The 12th Doctor
  7. Moolissa / Our Amoorican Cowsin — the car that goes ✨✨🐄AMoOoOga🐄✨✨
  8. MSD — Leslie Knope
  9. raven and rose — Missile, a top Pomeranian!
  10. Nate the Lesser — 2000’s British rock band and jumpsuit enthusiasts The Darkness
  11. Side Character — Houtarou Oreki
  12. Cork — Demon Cork
  13. Josephus Brown —
  14. genny — fruit cat
  15. Thoughtsx3 — Nissin Hot & Spicy Fire Wok Sizzlin’ Rich Pork Flavor ramen noodles
  16. sic humor — Goofy
  17. Keldeo —
  18. Greenwitch —
  19. sheltermed —


Day Three will end at 3pm CST on Tuesday, August 15.