Werewolf 212: The Dark Is Rising — Day Two

On the day of the dead, when the year too dies,
Must the youngest open the oldest hills
Through the door of the birds, where the breeze breaks.
There fire shall fly from the raven boy,
And the silver eyes that see the wind,
And the Light shall have the harp of gold.

Will Stanton, the Drew siblings, and Bran Davies ran in like a dervish, startling Aunt Jen and Owen Davies, who ceased their discussion of mysteriously slaughtered sheep so as not to upset the children.

“We’re off to explore Craig yr Aderyn,” explained Barney, somewhat truthfully.

“Well then you must take a picnic,” said Aunt Jen, who began bustling about, her dark eyes shining with delight at the kids descended on her kitchen.

Owen Davies, ever serious, explained to them, “Craig yr Aderyn is the only place in Britain that the cormorants nest inland. It is a special place.” His mouth twisted. “Tourists call it ‘Bird’s Rock.'”

Bran, pleased to have friends at last, looked up from petting his dog, Cafall, and smiled at his dad. Owen unexpectedly smiled back.

“Ah, you kids have fun,” said Owen brusquely, waving his hand as he moved towards the door.

Aunt Jen walked with him. Just outside, a sudden strong wind arose, and a thick panel from the newly constructed barn broke loose. Aunt Jen and Owen shouted at the kids to stay inside, while a neighbor froze in shock. Only Will Stanton could see an old lady in a blue robe, frail as a wren but immensely powerful, divert the disaster as best she could. Sadly, the Light can only do so much, and often at great cost.

Nate the Lesser / The Darkness is dead. They were Owen Davies (Vanilla Town).

raven and rose / Missile is dead. They were Aunt Jen (Vanilla Town).

Greenwitch is dead. They were The Lady (Roled Town).


Owen Davies – Owen is Bran Davies’ adoptive father and a good man, but his only power is his vote. 

Aunt Jen – Aunt Jen is a pleasant Welsh farmer and honorary aunt to Will Stanton. Still, her only power is her vote. 

The Lady (Martyr): The Lady is an Old One and a Town martyr. She can attempt to sacrifice her life for another player at Night. If that player is successfully targeted for death, The Lady will die in their place that Night. She cannot select the same player two Nights in a row. If the Light wins, her sacrifice will not be in vain.

Day Two begins with

  • 5 Ordinary Humans (Vanilla Town)
  • 4 Light (Roled Town)
  • 3 Dark (Wolves)
  • 3 Wild Magic (Other)

[spoiler title=”Ordinary Humans (Vanilla Town) message”]

“You are an ordinary human (Vanilla Town). Your only power is your decision to save the Light or unwittingly serve the Dark. Vote wisely each day to prevent the Dark from rising. Your character name and role will be revealed upon death.” 


[spoiler title=”Rules”] 

Each Day’s header will only contain living and dead players and numbers. Role names and powers will be revealed in full upon a player’s death.  

The Dark (Wolves) share a chat. Wild Magic (Others) do not. 

Certain powers and win conditions may change during the game for certain players. 

Night actions will generally be ordered to maximize successful actions, but standard order is block/jail/heal —> deaths/other.

If a player or faction does not submit a mandatory Night action by the deadline, the Night action will be determined by RNG. Note: I know we all live in different time zones; if the posted Twilight time or Night action deadline will be difficult for you, please just let me know, either on the thread (@forget_it_jake:disqus) or in Discord.

Vote in the Vote Thread (sort by Oldest). Only votes in the Vote Thread will count. You may change or retract your vote until Twilight. Please post nothing but votes in the Vote Thread.

What happens if there’s a tie at Twilight? Let’s find out!

No editing or deleting posts on the Day Threads. Editing in Discord is allowed. 

Do not directly quote, copy/paste, or screenshot Discord posts on the game threads. 

No game-related talk after Twilight. 

Try to post at least three times per game Day. 

Role playing is welcome but not required. 

Be kind. Critique arguments, not players. Site rules still apply to Werewolf, and sometimes what feels like just part of the game to one player can feel very personal to another player. 

Have fun! 


[spoiler title=”Players”]

  1. Owen
  2. beinggreen
  3. Grumproro
  4. Queequeg — Dennis
  5. Koala (mentored by Eleanor)
  6. Lamb — Roled Town (Hawkin / The Walker)
  7. Moolissa
  8. MSD
  9. raven — Vanilla Town (Aunt Jen)
  10. Nate — Vanilla Town (Owen Davies)
  11. Side
  12. Barbie Yaga (Cork)
  13. Josephus
  14. genny
  15. Thoughts
  16. sic
  17. Keldeo
  18. Greenwitch — Roled Town (The Lady)
  19. sheltermed


[spoiler title=”RPs”]

  1. Owen1120 — a humble pontoon salesman
  2. beinggreen — beingstagemanagertothegreenknight
  3. Grumproro — Shirayuki
  4. Mrs. Queequeg —
  5. Koala de Vil — Edmund Pevensie
  6. Lamb Dance — The 12th Doctor
  7. Moolissa / Our Amoorican Cowsin — the car that goes ✨✨🐄AMoOoOga🐄✨✨
  8. MSD — Leslie Knope
  9. raven and rose — Missile, a top Pomeranian!
  10. Nate the Lesser — 2000’s British rock band and jumpsuit enthusiasts The Darkness
  11. Side Character — Houtarou Oreki
  12. Cork — Demon Cork
  13. Josephus Brown —
  14. genny — fruit cat
  15. Thoughtsx3 — Nissin Hot & Spicy Fire Wok Sizzlin’ Rich Pork Flavor ramen noodles
  16. sic humor — Goofy
  17. Keldeo —
  18. Greenwitch —
  19. sheltermed —


Day Two will end at 12pm CST on Sunday, August 13th.