Cidolfus welcomes you to the 8/12 Day thread

A major character in Final Fantasy XVI, Cidolfus concludes our series on various Cids in the Final Fantasy series. Sure, I could go into Cids of FF spinoffs but… you can’t make me. Here’s what the spoiler-filled wiki entry says:

Cidolfus Telamon is the current Dominant of Ramuh and the owner and protector of Cid’s Hideaway, a secret place where the liberated Bearers hide from the wrath of their countries. Cid joins Clive Rosfield as a party member during certain sections of the game, being non-controllable and attacking with both his sword and Thunder magic.

My thoughts: With a rogue-ish swagger and acerbic wit, this Cid is one of the series’ best. His running commentary liven up the game’s monotonous dungeons and his absence is sorely felt when he’s not part of your party. He even takes care of Clive’s dog for him!

Oh and also today’s my birthday so I will be taking your presents/upvotes/shots yada yada yada.