The 8/7/2023 Day Thread of Forgotten Soundtracks

Today we look at forgotten or mostly forgotten soundtrack albums. For every Top Gun, Footloose, Fame, or Dirty Dancing there were dozens of films with puzzling soundtrack albums. Why was this made? Who was going to rush out and buy the soundtrack to “Burglar” after seeing the film? Well, it does feature Bobcat Goldthwait rapping.

It was hard to predict what was going to be a hit, so a bunch of tunes having little to do with the movie were usually cobbled together in the hopes of hitting it big. Kids love Bruce Willis. Maybe they’ll buy the “Blind Date” soundtrack. Billy Vera is cool, right?

Some terrible movies had runaway hit soundtracks (Vision Quest, St. Elmo’s Fire, Who’s That Girl). The film Iron Eagle produced a surprise hit soundtrack with the late era Queen hit “One Vision”. Someone decided to double down on the sequel with the guy from Loverboy. Oh, and more Billy Vera. What’s with that guy?

Apparently some of these acts weren’t even paid to be included on a soundtrack album. It was considered a privilege and part of artist publicity. They may have even lost money. Hundreds of thousands of these were pressed to vinyl or recorded to cassette, and they now reside in landfills worldwide. What are some weird soundtrack albums you remember?