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Tuesday’s Politics thread is enjoying the calm before the storm

We shall see what today holds, but The Idiot already lost once yesterday when a judge tossed his case


This is a great thread I posted early yesterday on what to expect from GA:


Beginning of thread: “Today is the first day DA Fani Willis might present evidence to a Fulton County grand jury to indict Donald Trump and possible co-conspirators for conspiring to commit election fraud in 2020. It appears less likely that process will start today, but here’s a few reminders:” 

Anyhoooo, y’all will find a bunch of other stuff to talk about today, I’m sure of it. And good work on not posting directly from Twitter!! I don’t think I’ve see one yet. Keep it hope! Hope I didn’t jinx it!!

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other. Be careful crossing the street, look both ways. And make sure you have your wallet with you. I just went to dinner with a friend fully intending to pay for her meal, and she ended up buying mine because my wallet wasn’t in my purse. Thankfully, she’s a good friend and we are both looking forward to another dinner together for which I will grab the check.