Comic Book Review – Silk – Age of the Witch (2022)

Silk – Age of the Witch (2022) 

Writer – Emily Kim 

Artist – Takeshi Miyazawa 

Cindy Moon is back in a brand-new mini-series entitled Silk – Age of the Witch. A ‘manyeo’ or shaman from Korea is resurrected in New York City and targeting social media influencers, stealing their youth, and using the energy to make herself whole again. Silk must find a way to stop her and help those affected by her wicked ways. What are the manyeo’s plans once she’s restored to full power and can a down on her luck Silk stop her?

It’s been awhile since I read about the adventures of Cindy Moon. The trade dress cover by InHyuk Lee drew me in and I decided to borrow it from the library. 

Cindy Moon is still trying to adapt to the world around her. She navigates her day to day between working at Threats and Menaces with J. Jonah Jameson and saving innocent bystanders as Silk. Much like Peter Parker, whenever she tries to engage in a bit of normalcy (like attending a Luna Snow concert with a man named Ivaan), something unfortunate happens that derails her plans.  

One of the things I have grown to enjoy in comics nowadays are super-hero characters trying to make their life better outside of the costume. Cindy visits a therapist to try to better herself and acclimate to the world she is now part of, after spending so many years hiding inside a bunker to protect herself and her loved ones. There is a really poignant conversation between Cindy (in her Silk persona) and J. Jonah Jameson about “finding and focusing on the things that make you happy in the here and now.” I made a note of this advice so I can remind myself about it from time to time when I need it. 

Cindy is definitely in the fight of her life as she encounter this ‘manyeo’ named Songi, who has the ability to transfer life energy between organisms. I like when street level characters must find a way to overcome a villain that is not normally part of their rogue’s gallery or ones they are unfamiliar. Its these battles and challenges that help heroes grow and evolve and better themselves. There’s a part where Cindy is down but not out as she tries to stop Songi from enacting her plan. 

One thing that baffles me about Marvel Comics is how Silk went from an ongoing series to multiple miniseries. Silk is a popular enough character that she can sustain her own series. On the other hand, I can see the reason why Marvel does this and it’s to prevent oversaturation of Spider-centric comics on the spinner rack. At what point will Marvel decide to give her another ongoing? I guess time and sales figures will tell. 

Silk – Age of the Witch is available on Hoopla instantly or at your local library. Once you finish this, there is another Silk volume that was recently released this past May if you want to check out Cindy’s next adventure (if you are unable to wait for the trade).