Werewolves 211: Barbie – Day 3

You guys will never believe what happened last night! It was C-R-A-Z-Y!

So I heard Color Magic Barbie telling Swan Lake Barbie that Ken asked Surgeon Barbie to go to the movies with him! But I thought Ken was going steady with Superstar Barbie!

Can you believe?!

It’s crazy, right?!

Also, I read in the newspaper today that Barbie on Barbie crime is at an all time low!

No one died last night! Life is great! Go Barbie Go!

  1. sic
  2. Side
  3. Stoneheart (Town Barbie)
  4. Josephus
  5. Eleanor
  6. Stars
  7. Raven (Town Barbie)
  8. Wasp
  9. Queequeg
  10. Goat
  11. jake (Town Barbie)
  12. Lindsay
  13. Lamb
  14. MSD
  15. Kim


  1. Nate

TOWN (10)

Barbie (9) – Hi, you’re Barbie!

Ken (1) – Isn’t it great that you get to be here surrounded by Barbie?!


Barbie (3) – Even some Barbies have to be wolves!

  • Dream House
  • High Heel
  • Camera
  • Convertible
  • Rotary Phone (Call another player each night. If you receive a busy signal then that player was active last night. You don’t know who they visited, maybe if you upgraded your phone. Town Watcher)
  • Blow Dryer
  • Trapper Keeper (Cursed to use a Barbie Teen Talk phrase in every post for one day)
  • Sunglasses
  • Stroller
  • Hairbrush
  • Purse
  • Movie Ticket

Barbies can either receive accessories Night 0 or earn them by winning daily events!

Barbie always is innovating and coming up with new accessories!


Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without permission. Failure to comply may result in a re-boxing.

Night Action Order of Operations: Maximized for the most fun at the party 😉

All actions cannot be repeated on the same player on consecutive nights.

Ties will result in all tied Barbies being killed.

Should a BARBIE (Be Accurate oR Be In Error) scenario occur, auto-kill will not come into effect until all living players have voted.

Please be respectful to all players. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time and admire Barbie.

Barbie Yaga can be very busy searching for babies food since she has a specific diet. Tag her to get her attention!

Twilight will be Friday, July 28th at 6pm Pacific/8pm Central/9pm Eastern