Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (7/25)

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It has been said that Hamilton is probably the most Obama-era musical ever. Prior to the presidency, the idea of a rap musical about the Founding Fathers would sound like a 30 Rock gag. Instead, it was the hottest musical in Broadway. It was buoyed by the general optimism in the presidency, its multicultural casting, and the integration of a music genre — hip-hop — that is not commonly associated with Broadway musicals.

On the other side of the coin, I feel like The Purge movies are also a film that can only exist during the Obama presidency. It seems like the films are trying to say something. The New Founding Fathers of America are a parody of the Far Right and are a cautionary tale of how damaging the policies can be. On the other hand, the solution to the policy — that one night a year all crime is legal — is such a ludicrous premise that literally no one can take any of the allegory seriously. The film argues that “A night of crime not a good idea,” which… yeah, setting up a straw man argument much?

It’s a fantasy scenario, one that no one would think would ever happen under the Obama presidency, so you felt safe going out on Halloween with neon-lit Statue of Liberty masks.

It’s less fun when you live in a world where people dressed up in themed patriotic costumes break into the State Capitol with the intent to murder sitting politicians.

Today’s bonus prompt: what is the most Obama-era film?