Only the Rollerblade Barbie Night Thread’s Skates Flicker and Flash!

You gotta be impressed with Barbie. In addition to her ten thousand different careers (is she that good at many jobs, or does she just keep getting herself fired?), she also has countless hobbies that make her the ultimate It girl. One of these hobbies, of course, is rollerblading. Barbie’s been a champion of the sport for decades, and in 1992 (or maybe it was 1991, as I’m getting varying dates when I research when this doll came out), she brought it to a whole new level.

Rollerblade Barbie, as her name would imply, was a master of rollerblading. So much so that her skates would actually flicker and flash as she skated. That was how fast Barbie was apparently moving! And without a helmet! Rollerblade Barbie liked to live dangerously, dammit! Don’t tell her how to live her life! It’s a miracle she didn’t get herself killed.

Unfortunately for Rollerblade Barbie, her irresponsible daredevil nature eventually caused the long arm of the Barbie law to catch up with her, as she supposedly got herself recalled. Please take this with a slight grain of salt as I can’t like find an official press release from Mattel or anything online (we are talking about a toy that came out…three decades ago? Barbie on a bike, I’m ancient!). But apparently, Barbie’s skates were ruled a potential fire hazard, as they would launch actual sparks from them. This means that some people try to sell Rollerblade Barbie for ridiculous amounts of money on eBay, as placing the word “BANNED” on your product is an easy excuse to bring the price tag up.

Have a fiery night, y’all!