The Barbie and the Secret Door Night Thread Wants It All

Barbie and the Secret Door is an animated movie which sees Barbie entering a secret door which transports her to a magical kingdom. No, it’s not Narnia. But it is ruled by the evil Princess Malucia, a greedy tyrant of a monarch who, jealous that she has no natural skills of her own, wants to consume all of the land’s magic for herself (this involves, among other things, robbing fairies of their wings). Her main goal is to find the hidden location of the unicorns, whose horns could potentially give her untold powers if she captures them. It’s up to Barbie to save everyone from Malucia’s unspeakable terror.

I should mention now that Malucia is about eight years old. Yes, the villain in a Barbie film is actually a child. This makes Malucia the King Joffrey of the Barbie Cinematic Universe.

And like many bad guys (well, bad girls), Malucia has her own sweet villain song. And I’m not being ironic when I say this thing is a bop. It’s enthusiastic and bouncy–suiting a little kid–and has very funny lyrics. So yeah, this is a winner. Unfortunately, the only version of the clip I could find on YouTube has crap audio and video quality which really don’t do it justice (also, this is a Barbie flick, so be warned that the colors are bright enough to potentially blind your eyes). Oh well. It’s still insanely catchy regardless.

Ultimately Malucia’s reign comes to an unceremonious end when she gets poisoned at her own wedding. Barbie gets framed for the crime and it turns into a whole thing. I won’t spoil any more.

Have a great night, y’all!