Writing Discussion Thread is Dramatic!

What This Thread is for:

– talk about what you’re writing

– share what you’re writing, if you’re comfortable with that (and if you want or don’t want feedback, please indicate that also)

– talk about the writing process and what works and doesn’t work

– discuss things like characterization or plot issues you’re working through

– brainstorm ideas

– getting/giving positive feedback if solicited

What we’re not doing

-writing prompts

– any kind of shaming about topics or anything like that

Optional discussion: Drama!

Some stories are a quiet, thoughtful meditation on a topic, perhaps spending time with a protagonist as they navigate things like aging or grief or parenthood.

Others are full of drama! The protagonist is in life-threatening situations! Their romantic life is chaotic, their family is fighting, their friends are dying, the world is ending!!

Which sort of story do you prefer to write? At what point is the Drama too much for you? How do you balance between putting the reader to sleep and having them roll their eyes because, really, their spouse is cheating on them again and they’re also trying to disarm the bomb before the city blows up?