Sports Corner Has a Quiet Day

Usually the second Wednesday in July is the deadest day on the sports calendar. The All Star Game is over and MLB has off till Friday. Football training camp isn’t here yet, all the hockey and basketball trades and signings are nearly done, and the British Open is a week away. It’s so quiet that ESPN invented an awards show to fill the void. But is it really quiet? The WNBA has games today (though possibly to accommodate those awards, three games are being played in the daytime). The NBA Summer League has become a big deal for some reason. And Wimbledon seems to have changed its schedule for good, so even as we speak there is action. The sports calendar, it seems, never quite stops. But today is still about as quiet as it gets for games.

I say, enjoy the break before the Women’s World Cup and the British Open and training camps and MLB trade deadline and so on. Before you know it, we will be up to our eyeballs in sports again.

As ever, all subjects welcome.