Werewolves 210: Lycan of Korra – Chapter 6

The citizens rested a little easier having finally found one of the culprits causing chaos in their city.

The Red Lotus, on the other hand, was not as pleased. They needed to take out their anger on something, anything.

“I need something to aim at,” P’Li said.

“Someone to take a head shot at?” Ming-Hua snarked.

“Ha ha. Do you want it to be you?”

“Ladies, please,” Zaheer gruffed. “I know losing Ghazan was difficult to take, but we need to move forward.”

“Well, I still need to let this anger out somehow, or else our armless friend is going to lose more limbs,” P’Li hissed.

Ming-Hua winked at her comrade before proposing, “How about taking it out on something big? Knock it down a peg or two, huh?”

“Would the sun be big enough?” Zaheer said. The two ladies laughed at first, but when they looked at him and saw he his serious face, they became quite confused.

“Like, actually try to destroy the sun? You know the sun is like 93 million miles away, right? I know we’re pretty good, but I don’t think our bending is going to reach that far.”

“We need to keep the light from reaching this city, whether that be metaphorical or literal. They need to know that our way is the only way.”

And so Zaheer and Ming-Hua used the air and water in the sky to create dark and stormy clouds above Republic City, while P’Li supervised, occasionally helping to make lightning. Surprisingly, they did find that it helped them take their minds off of things for a bit.

As the dawn came, the sun prepared itself to greet the city with its warm welcome as always. It was hoping that many more over the whole empire would follow its ways forever. It even got the genius and totally original idea to have them make banners saying, “Praise the Sun!”

But as it reached the edges of the city, it realized that there were clouds blocking its view.

“Well, I’ll still be here,” it said, waiting for its time to shine (literally).

forget_it_jake/The sun has been blocked out and won’t come out today. She was Kuvira (recruiter).

The Earth Empire has been dissolved.

The morning paper’s forecast called for overcast skies with a chance of rain. Though the days would be darker and gloomy overhead, the citizens still believed that their ray of hope would continue to shine down on them.

  1. April Zhu Li (inventor/lover)
  2. Sic
  3. Anna Lieutenant (Equalist/SK)
  4. Turkey Korra (vigilante/healer)
  5. MSD Mako (role investigator)
  6. Copywight
  7. Abby Citizen of Republic City (vanilla town)
  8. Marlowe Citizen of Republic City (vanilla town)
  9. Jake Kuvira (recruiter)
  10. Lamb Varrick (inventor/lover)
  11. Raven
  12. Queequeg Citizen of Republic City (vanilla town)
  13. Wasp
  14. Kim Ghazan (wolf)
  15. Goat Bolin (jailer)
  16. Eleanor Citizen of Republic City (vanilla town)
  17. Stars
  18. Josephus Amon (Equalist/role remover)
  19. Nuka Asami (backup)
  20. Lindsay
  21. Hoho
  22. Moolissa
  23. Nate

Citizens of Republic City (Town):

  • 5 Ordinary citizens (vanilla town) – No power except to vote. They will win when the Red Lotus and Equalists are defeated.
  • Korra (vigilante/healer) – Can use one of 3 actions per night: firebending to kill someone, waterbending to stop someone from being killed, OR chi-bending to restore someone’s bending ability (this can only work on someone who has already lost their ability—chi-bending and waterbending will not stop a bender from having their ability taken by Amon that night). She cannot choose herself as a target, nor can she pick the same person on two consecutive nights.
  • Bolin (jailer) – can block someone from performing and being affected by any night actions. He cannot jail himself nor can he jail the same person on two consecutive nights.
  • Mako (role investigator) – Can see if someone is a bender or not. Korra, Bolin, Tenzin, Kuvira, and the Red Lotus will read as ‘bender’, everyone else will read as ‘non-bender’ (Mako counts as a bender as well). If Mako targets Amon or is blocked, he will get no result. Benders will appear as ‘non-bender’ if Amon has successfully taken away their bending.
  • Tenzin (motion detector) – Can see if someone was involved in a night action. Will not be told how many actions their target is involved with, nor whether they are performing an action or having an action performed on them.
  • Asami (backup) – If one of Korra, Bolin, Mako, or Tenzin dies, Asami will take their place (if more than one dies on the same night, her role will be determined by RNG). She will not replace any of them if their power is taken from them, only if one of them dies. Because she is not a bender, if she is targeted by Amon, she will die. If Asami replaces Korra, she will not be able to restore anyone’s bending, only kill/heal.

Order of the Red Lotus (Wolves):

Each night, the Red Lotus will assign one of their members to kill and one to roleblock. The kill can be assigned to any member, but only those who are benders can roleblock; therefore, if there are no members with bending ability left, the Order will lose their roleblocking ability. They will win when the Avatar is dead and their numbers are equal to all the other players combined.

  • Zaheer
  • P’Li
  • Ming-Hua
  • Ghazan

Independent Roles:

Equalists (SKs):

The Equalists want to rid the world of bending. They will win when there are no more benders.

  • Amon (role remover) – Can strip a bender of their power for the rest of the game (unless it is restored by Korra). If a non-bender is targeted, they will die. Amon cannot target the same player on two consecutive nights. Shares a chat with the Lieutenant.
  • Lieutenant – If Amon dies, the Lieutenant will become a standard SK, with the same win condition (i.e. will win when there are no more benders). Shares a chat with Amon.

Varrick and Zhu Li (Inventors/Lovers):

Varrick and Zhu Li will share a chat and choose to give one tool to anyone they’re willing to work with, to be used the next night–one investigative power, one jailing power, one power to kill. Their win condition is to survive to the end of the game. If one dies, the other will as well.

Kuvira (Recruiter):

Kuvira wishes to unite her people and reclaim the United Republic of Nations as part of her Earth Empire. Each night, she will attempt to recruit citizens to join her cause–she can only recruit VT, Bolin, Varrick, and Zhu Li (note: Kuvira’s recruits will know her identity upon recruitment but will not share a chat). Kuvira and her recruits will win if she is still alive at the end of the game and if she and her recruits form the majority of living players. She can win alongside town if her win condition occurs simultaneously with town’s, but cannot win if any other faction’s win condition is met before hers. If Kuvira dies, the Earth Empire will be dissolved and all recruits will only win with their original win condition.


Players are NOT allowed to edit comments or directly quote from private chats without the mod’s permission. Failure to comply may result in a modkill.

Order of actions: Jailing, Roleblocking, Healing/Chi-bending, Recruitment, Inventor, Investigation/Motion Detecting, Kills/Role Removing

Ties will result in no kill.

Should a GIROLT (Get It Right Or Lose Tonight) scenario occur, auto-kill will only be activated after everyone has voted.

Please be respectful towards everyone. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we’re all here to have a good time.

Twilight will be on Sunday, July 9 at 2 PM MDT.