WW 209: Vampires vs Werewolves (Day 5)

The people of Tulsa, Oklahoma went to bed save a few brave or evil souls.

Bunnicula slept soundly upside down as usual and thought about the AleXa concert. She jammed in her sleep until someone came in and ended her dream early.

Bunnicula/jake has died. They were a Vanilla Townie.

Copywight checked in with their online friends before going about their business. They packed up their medicine and visited someone. The injections would prevent a vampire or werewolf from turning them. Copywight entered Denny’s at 4am as usual and greeted the new wait staff. When the check came, copywight was not alive enough to tip.

Copy has died. They were the Witch Doctor.

Gene Parmesan walked into his master’s apartment. He sat down at the desk and considered what he should do for the pack from here. He had already finished his work for the night, but bleak was the future of the wolves of Tulsa if he couldn’t take up the reins. Just then he noticed that a board on the desk had been installed upside down. “Weird,” said a voice behind him, “That should be the other way.” A pained howl pierced the Tulsa night.

Gene Parmesan/Indy has died. They were a Vanilla Wolf.

The werewolves are no more. We are now approaching a Kill Or Be Killed night, depending on RNG.

Twilight is on Sunday, June 25th at 4PM Tulsa Time CDT. (5PM EST)

Vote tracker available here.

[spoiler title =”Win Conditions”]

Win Conditions:

  • Wolves win if they eradicate the vampires and become the majority faction.
  • Vampires win if they eradicate the wolves and become the majority faction.
  • Town wins if all scum are dead.
  • If no living players can become scum, then the largest faction wins at Twilight.


[spoiler title =”Werewolves”]

Werewolf Mechanics:

  • Starts with the Alpha and one vanilla wolf on Night 0.
  • All wolves will share a chat.
  • Wolves bitten by vampires will die, with the exception of the Alpha.
  • Each night, one wolf is selected to carry out the bite. Every bite has a 50/50 chance to either recruit or kill (RNG, wolves do not choose the type of bite). Recruitment is instantaneous.

Werewolf Roles:

  • Alpha: is immune to attacks from vanilla vampires. Once during this game, the alpha can carry out his own 100% accurate kill on the same night as the wolf night action. May be killed if bitten by Dracula.
  • Vanilla Wolves


[spoiler title =”Vampires”]

Vampire Mechanics:

  • Starts with only Dracula on Night 0. Dracula gets a Night 0 attempt with 100% success rate to recruit a thrall (vanilla vampire).
  • Each vampire will enter a shared chat with their biter.
  • Each vampire can only ever attempt to bite two others, with the exception of Dracula specifically using their one shot night kill.
  • Vampires bitten by wolves will die, with the exception of Dracula.
  • Vampires have 1/2 the recruitment success rate of their original biter. If they bite a vanilla wolf, it becomes a killing bite 100% of the time.

Vampire Roles:

  • Dracula: 2-shot 100% accurate recruitment, one of which is the Night 0 recruitment. Gets a one-shot 100% accurate kill. If Dracula chooses to kill, no one gets to recruit that night. Dracula is immune to vanilla wolf bites. May be killed if bitten by the Alpha. Dracula always knows how many vampires are in the game at the start of each day.
  • Vanilla Vampires: has 1/2 the recruitment accuracy of their sire. If a vampire dies, they can no longer communicate with anyone they shared a bite with.


[spoiler title =”Independent”]

  • Goth Kid (Independent): Personal win if bitten and turned during the game. Will have a dual status as both a goth kid and as their recruited faction. Personal loss if the game finishes and they are unturned.


[spoiler title =”Town”]

  • Winchester: This townie will kill werewolves or vampires with 100% accuracy and has a 50% chance to kill when the target is human. Can be recruited by either faction to add a one-shot night kill action to their team.
  • Naturally Immune: This townie cannot be recruited by scum. If they are bitten by scum, they will be told who targeted them and will die the next day at twilight if applicable. They will die the same night if successfully targeted for a kill by the Alpha, Dracula, or a Winchester.
  • Poison Blood: This townie will take any scum who bites them to the grave with them on the same night, including Dracula or the Alpha. Will not take other townies to the grave.
  • Witch Doctor: Once per night, this player may choose someone and prevent a recruitment or death. They may self-target. Cannot choose same target 2 nights in a row. Gets a Night 0 action. Adds a protective action to their faction if recruited.
  • Vanilla Town: You are VT


[spoiler title =”Rules”]

  • RP is optional, but appreciated!
  • Please try to make at least 2 posts a day. If you’re in a situation where you can’t reach that requirement, please notify Jam (@JamMoritarty:disqus) or Lutair (@lutair:disqus) through discord or a tag!
  • Do NOT Screenshot or quote directly from your team or mod communications. This will result in an instant mod kill.
  • Do NOT edit or delete any posts without mod permission.
  • Do NOT belittle other players for their choices or reasoning. Attack arguments, not people.


[spoiler title=Players]

  1. sic @sic_humor:disqus VW
  2. Marlowe @MarloweSpade01:disqus
  3. jake @forget_it_jake:disqus VT
  4. MSD @DekaTria:disqus Poison Blood
  5. Lindsay @gaydisaster:disqus VT
  6. Wasp @theamazingwasp:disqus Dracula
  7. Josephus @JosephusBrown:disqus Goth kid/vampire
  8. Indy @inndeeeeed2:disqus VW
  9. Owen @owen11203:disqus VV
  10. Goat @GoatfulDead:disqus
  11. Flubba @flubbagunto:disqus
  12. Quee @mrsqueequeg:disqus VV
  13. Copy @copywight:disqus Witch Doctor
  14. Dourif @douriflemoko:disqus Alpha
  15. Lamb @theprincethatwaspromised:disqus


  1. Cork @2bruce2:disqus
  2. Stars @starstheycomeandgo:disqus


  1. beinggreen @beinggreenbeingonDisqus:disqus
  2. Side @side_character:disqus
  3. Pablo @Taffy_0831:disqus
  4. raven @ravenampersand:disqus


Lutair and Jam are co-mods of this game. Our tags are @lutair:disqus and @JamMoritarty:disqus if you need anything!