Al Capone

The Milk Expiry Date Night Thread (20 June, 2023)

Is it a sad sign of ever-advancing years to realise dairy milk seems to last a lot longer in your refrigerator than you remember it doing when you were younger? Apparently it is true though, thanks to technological advancements in milking techniques, as well as packaging and transport infrastructure and cleanliness standards.

Milk Expiry Date

Fun (but unconfirmed) fact: Chicago mafia boss Al Capone was the one responsible for expiry dates being clearly printed on milk bottles in America. Supposedly one of his relatives became sick from drinking milk that had expired which inspired his campaign. Or, it might have been his interests lay in his post-Prohibition purchase of Meadowmoor Dairies and his profitable milk-smuggling business. Another explanation is that is was actually his brother Ralph that successfully lobbied the Chicago City Council to institute the law. His granddaughter, Deirdre Capone, certainly thought so, stating that his nickname was “Bottles.” Then of course, if could all be fiction.