Superman 3 Day Thread (06/16)

Superman 3 was released in the Summer of 1983. Happy 40th Anniversary to this super sequel!

Superman has new foes to face off this time time around, namely Richard Pryor and Robert Vaughn. This is not a classic villain team up by any means but one that will give Superman a run for his money.

A lot of negative things can be brought up about this film so let’s think of the positives.

The superb casting choice of Annette O’Toole as Clark’s friend/some time love interest Lana Lang.

An evil Superman that doesn’t kill people. He just likes to drink a few adult beverages while flicking peanuts at liquor bottles. Oh he also fixes the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Which leads to a showdown between a good Clark Kent and Evil Superman in a junkyard with No Holds Barred.

A lot of people I’ve encountered online and in real life mention the part where the one lady gets transformed into a mindless cyborg. They said that is pure nightmare fuel but it never scared me. Not at all!

The Power of Three!

Something to Discuss – What’s your favorite third movie in a franchise?