The Creative Endeavors Thread’s Just Hanging Around the House

… Like certain spy movies, one might say.

This is the space for our members to discuss and share their creative projects, ranging from written works to drawings, photography, and even craft projects such as knitting and woodworking. Self promotion is welcome (websites where we can view and/or purchase your work). Please do continue to preface if content is NSFW and be sure to properly spoiler/link such content. Those of you who’d like to post future Creative Endeavors Threads post your request in the comments below. 

I’d hoped to be out on the road this morning, but the weather’s majestically shitty outside, which should mean I ought to be able to get a lot of work done today on a few projects. Cautiously optimistic, as I’m almost halfway through the first figurative watercolor it feels like I’ve done in forever. Thinking about fast-tracking a couple of tasks I’d meant to save for the solstice (as the latter’s supposed to be gorgeous), including another wrestle with the display style for the painting page on my website (which, I might as well indicate, is here ). Also mulling over the present absence of Reddit, which, though probably nowhere near as big a deal to me as it is to people far more online (here and elsewhere) has me very tentatively considering an artistic revisit of my old prose-oriented days.

How’s your work going?