Gladiformers 2 Day Thread

After Gladiformers dominated the box office in 2007, it was inevitable that a sequel was going to follow. Sure enough, Gladiformers 2 arrived in the summer of 2009 to an absolutely deafening amount of hype. Fans everywhere couldn’t wait to find out what happened to Prince Julius Drive after he killed everyone in the robot gladiator garage/arena.

Unfortunately, spoilers for the sequel leaked online early, causing a huge rift within the fan base. When it got out that–SPOILER ALERT–Prince Julius Drive’s sworn enemy Magnum Tutor was not only going to be brought back from the dead, but also TEAM UP with him, well, the internet just lost its fucking mind. Indeed, Gladiformers is probably one of the first examples of a fandom turning truly toxic during the social media age, as the “Gladifans” went everywhere they could to type in all caps about how a follow-up to a movie that came out just two years prior was somehow ruining their childhoods. “I can’t believe they are doing this to Magnum Tutor! He is the GOAT of giant robot badass villains, and now they’re making him gay for Prince Julius Drive? I think I’d rather watch that lame knock-off Transformers instead! This is just like when Space Balls was a better Star Wars film than The Phantom Menace! KILL ME!!!”

Anyway, as a result of this, Gladiformers 2 never saw a release in the United States, though it did come out in Brazil. The plot involves Prince Julius Drive (still a slave of the Supreme-bots, apparently) joining forces with Magnum Tutor to kill a bunch of robots who they already killed in the first film. Also, they are trying to save…a princess? I think? I also think she’s human? All we ever see of her are her human lips, so…yeah, I guess she’s human? Is she fucking these robots? We may never know, since Gladiformers 2 ends on a cliffhanger, teasing a third installment which sadly never got made.

These Brazilian Twizzlers commercials are weirding me out…

I’ll say this much for Gladiformers 2: it is a better movie than the first one. At the very least, it kind of has a plot. So it has that going for it. Also, the robots die more violently this time. So it might actually be the greatest sequel ever made.

Have a great day, y’all!