The Day Thread is in the Wrong Cartoon!

Invasion of the Big Robots is an episode of Garfield & Friends where our titular character wakes up one morning to find that something is…off. The animation style of his world is different, everything is edgy and dark, and worst of all, there is no breakfast ready for him! This is when Garfield’s worst fears are realized: he has somehow ended up in the wrong cartoon show!

This is a hilarious parody of every sci-fi action cartoon from the era, but especially Transformers, as the climatic battle finds Garfield having to deal with “one of those robots that can turn into other things.” Ironically, the animation here is probably a lot better than that of the shows it was spoofing, and it’s even a bit “violent”…so “violent” in fact that my mom supposedly nearly had us tape this episode over on VHS (thank God she didn’t!). Also, it has a great closing gag. It’s good stuff, and one of countless examples of Garfield & Friends being a superior children’s cartoon.

Have a great day, y’all!