Weekly Video Games Thread Is a Fashion Disaster

Happy Monday, everyone! I know I promised I was gonna have a non-Zelda prompt, but something more pressing came up.

On Saturday I, Wolfman Jewsovic, Champion of the wilds, skies, and Depths; Ally of the Rito, Goron, Gerudo, and Zora; vanquisher of Yiga Master Kohga and defender of the innocent; recovered the Master Sword. The Blade of Evil’s Bane, tempered with the sacred fires of old and a power that exists across time, was mine. I was well over a hundred hours in the Hyrule of Tears of the Kingdom, and while it was just one moment of many, it was a big one. It and I had both been on a long trip, and it was time to get reacquainted with this sword, a band of pirates, and before that some nondescript wooden boxes.

Except… I looked like this. This crime against fashion. Not that I’m proud of having gotten the frog suit and having leveled it up to the point where I can’t slip at all while it’s raining (and it does look really cool), but this was supposed to be a big deal. I mean, the keeper of the Sword did all this work for me, and here I am wearing the beautiful Champion’s Leathers and two mismatched ends of a frogman suit. I gussied up when it came to the top and just forgot to accessorize with anything else! This picture doesn’t even include the very useful but exceptionally stupid giant shield glued to an even more giant mirror that I was also carrying. And maybe if it was the Froggie Hood and the rather useful Fierce Deity Pants, or the Froggie Leggings and the hilarious Bokoblin Mask, it would work. I could’ve played up an eclectic look. But this was two pieces of Set A and one piece of B. By the time I saw the close up of Link’s determined face, I knew I had both made a grave mistake and couldn’t just go back to an earlier autosave. This was my punishment for insulting the fashion god, which I assume is the end result of the Hateno Village quest line.

…Oh, right. I did have a prompt here. What are your favorite memories of times where your chosen clothes for your character didn’t fit the scene at all? Note that this is not a general question about favorite optional outfits or accessorizing, since that deserves a better prompt. Nor is it about bad fashion that didn’t fit the source material; again, worthy of its own prompt. I want the times you willingly, voluntarily made a scene incredibly goofy solely by fashion choices. You remember that old ProZD video? Yeah, that.

And since I do recognize this is a somewhat limited prompt after a somewhat stupid anecdote, I’d also like to generally and more sincerely ask what you played this weekend.