The Replacements Song Tournament: Round 1

Time to see what made it!

[spoiler title=”Songs”]”Unsatisfied”, “Androgynous”, “Bastards of Young”, “Alex Chilton”, “I Will Dare”, “Left of the Dial”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Pleased to Meet Me version), “Answering Machine”, “I’ll Be You”, “Kiss Me on the Bus”, “Skyway”, “Can’t Hardly Wait” (Tim sessions version, on the Nothing for All compilation), “Here Comes a Regular”, “Swingin Party”, “Seen Your Video”, “Talent Show” , “Waitress in the Sky”, “The Ledge”, “Color Me Impressed”, “Within Your Reach”, “We’ll Inherit the Earth”, “We’re Comin’ Out”, “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”, “Favorite Thing”, “Hold My Life”, “Achin’ to Be”, “Black Diamond”, “Never Mind”, “I.O.U.”, “Little Mascara”, “Takin’ a Ride”, “I Don’t Know”[/spoiler]

Voting end 29 May, 10 PM EDT