Fuel and Fuddle Day Thread (05/16)

Fuel and Fuddle is a restaurant located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It is a few blocks from the University of Pittsburgh’s campus.

Back in college, my friends and I would go there after 11pm for their half priced menu.

I still visit this hangout when I am looking for lunch and a few craft beers. I usually stop in after visiting Phantom of the Attic ( a local comic book store).

Last week, the owner announced Fuel and Fuddle will be closing on Friday May 26th. The rent for the restaurant space has become astronomical.

When the news was announced, I reached out to all my college friends about the impending closure.

I stopped in this past Sunday to grab lunch and a few beers ( Victory Summer Love and Great Lakes Watermelon Crushworthy). I got to speak with the owner, who I’ve known for many years, and he said they had their best day ever ( in terms of sales) on Saturday. I asked him how he felt about closing shop, and he is at peace with it.

For those of you that live in the Pittsburgh area, you still have time to grab food and drink before Fuel and Fuddle shutters their doors.

Something to Discuss – Tell us your favorite lunch spot/restaurant you used to frequent before they closed permanently.